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Conchita Wurst

Cross-Dressing Singer Upsets Russia

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Corny Lyrics by James Blunt

How corny can you get?

The song is played up and down on Austrian radio stations.

Why? Because people’s English is not good enough to understand the lyrics?

Your mouth is a revolver firing bullets in the sky
Your love is like a soldier, loyal till you die

in German approximately

Dein Mund ist eine Revolver, der Kugeln in die Luft feuert
Deine Liebe ist wie ein Soldat, loyal bis in den Tod

One sunny morning I greeted my wife, her native language is English,  with, „Your love is like a soldier, loyal till you die,“ and waited for a reaction.
Somehow she did not consider it a compliment.

James Blunt!
Your song is like a torture hurting in my ears
the lyrics are so heavy; they’re bringing me to tears



German Becomes Official Language in the U.S.

Obama and Merkel decide that German should become the only official language in the U.S.


Horse Meat Scare

40 (thank you!) participated in our poll about the horse meat situation. Here are the results:

2 observations:

Would you consider eating horse meat?
50 % answered: „Let me think about that.“
So, under certain conditions many would consider eating horse meat.

Have you ever eaten horse meat?
52,5 % answered: „I’m not sure.“
This shows a clear mistrust towards the food industry.

Check the results and let us know your interpretations and comments. (Click on „Kommentar hinterlassen“)

Horse Meat Poll Results