A Short History

April 1986 smith-bauer, English Courses and Seminars was founded.
July 1999 Our first seminar English in the U.S.A. at Lander University, SC.
Since then also at Clemson University.
March 2000 Licensed Translation Firm: Translations and Text-Preparation and Revision were added to our range of services.
April 2000 smith-bauer, English-German Communication
DaF (German as a second Language) and “Deutsch im Beruf” were added to our range of services.
May 2003 Our first newsletter, sb News was mailed.
In 2005 sb News was mailed to 27 countries.
April 2011 Celebrating 25 years smith-bauer
September 2011 Our first Online Course
March 2016 „Help Desk“ was added to our Services
Ask your question about English & German in English or German.
April 2016 Celebrating 30 years smith-bauer
July 2016 Company-Glossary Preparation & Development was added to our range of services.
Today Two full time, one half-time employees and two freelancers work for